New York to Allow Patients Grow Their Own Cannabis

The New York Cannabis Control Board has acceded to the demands for certified patients and caregivers residing in the state to be allowed to grow their own medical marijuana, however under the regulations as approved by the board.

The regulations provide that qualified patients and caregivers would be allowed to cultivate at least three mature and three immature cannabis plants at any point in time. For caregivers who are in charge of handling multiple patients, the regulation allows them to grow twice the amount of mature and immature cannabis plants. From these plants, the law has provided that they could possess up to 5 pounds of medical cannabis. This regulation comes right about the same time that applications for the first adult-use cannabis retailer licenses are being made.

The Board in addition, also updated the hemp cannabinoid regulation and allowed a limited joint working relationship between Dormitory Authority of the State of New York and Social Equity Impact Ventures to advance industry equity. The initial regulations guiding the resolution of the board were made about a year before the resolution was finally reached, and some months after the board reviewed the regulations based on public comments. The board has further directed that the office of Cannabis management formally inform the New York Department of state of the updated rules and regulation. The application of this new regulation is meant to begin from the 5th of October.

In addition, over 10 more cannabis processor licenses have been approved bringing the total number of approved licenses to 25 since last month. Furthermore, 19 more cultivator licenses have been approved from existing hemp businesses, this brings the total number of approved cultivators to 250.

In the meantime the Office of Cannabis Management is still in the process of taking applications for the conditional adult use retail dispensary license. The first set of licenses that would be issued and which would have the opportunity to serve recreational consumers of cannabis would be those licenses that have been unfavorably impacted by cannabis criminalization, the Cannabis management office has said that it intends to approve a total of 150 licenses.

There has also been the introduction of an initiative by the New York Governor which would support entrepreneurs who have been negatively impacted by the war against drugs, the initiative is meant to help intending dispensary operators with their application for licensing and also providing technical assistance to such entrepreneurs.

Based on the new regulation and policies in the state, Adults of 21 years and above are allowed to possess Marijuana and even consume the product in public, in addition, they are allowed to give and receive the substance as gifts as long as they are not being compensated for it. Where there is compensation for the product, it may be considered a sale and hence a license would be required.

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