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How Many Dispensaries Are in New York?

As of January 2024, there are 53 recreational cannabis dispensaries in New York. However, 8 of these dispensaries are delivery-only locations. Also, there are about 40 registered medical cannabis dispensing facilities in the city.

When Do New York Marijuana Dispensaries Open Near Me?

New York dispensaries open at varying times as licensed retailers do not all commence daily operations at the same hour. Opening hours may also vary depending on the day of the week, as several dispensaries open later on weekends. Typically, New York dispensaries open for operations between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Do New York Cannabis Dispensaries Open Late Near Me?

New York cannabis dispensaries have varying closing hours. While medical cannabis dispensaries typically close around 7:00 p.m., adult-use retail stores are open as late as 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. To find the exact opening hours for New York cannabis dispensaries, visit the websites of the retail stores to see their listed operation hours. Alternatively, you may use the contact information provided on their websites to find specific closing hours.

Are there New York Dispensaries Near Me that Deliver?

Many dispensaries in New York offer cannabis delivery services for products purchased from their website. To verify if New York dispensaries near you provide delivery services, search online for the websites of nearby dispensaries using the keyword "New York dispensaries near me." Note that New York dispensaries charge additional fees for deliveries. Delivery fees may vary.

Are there New York Dispensaries that Ship Out of State?

It is illegal to ship cannabis across state lines due to the federal classification of cannabis as a banned substance. Note that federal laws regulate interstate travel and shipment. Hence, there are no New York dispensaries shipping cannabis out of state.

Are there Recreational Dispensaries in New York?

Yes. The legalization of adult-use cannabis in the state in March 2021 via the New York Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) opened the door for recreational sales. However, the first dispensary in the state made its first sale in December 2022. Since then, many more dispensaries have opened, and several others have been issued retail dispensary licenses to begin operations.

What Do I Need to Bring to a New York Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

To purchase recreational cannabis from a New York recreational dispensary near you, you must bring the following to the facility: A government-issued ID showing you are aged 21 or older, such as:

  • A valid local, state, or federal government identification, with your age and the photograph of your face
  • A valid driver's license or non-driver ID card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the federal government, any United States territory, the District of Columbia, or a state government within the United States
  • A valid passport issued by the United States government
  • An ID card issued by the armed forces of the United States
  • Cash or debit card

What Do I Need to Bring to a New York Medical Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

If you intend to purchase medical cannabis from a New York medical dispensary near you, you must bring the following to the retail store:

  • Your New York State medical cannabis registry identification card
  • Your valid government-issued ID
  • Cash or debit card

Can I Visit a New York Dispensary Near Me Without a Medical Marijuana Card?

You can visit a New York dispensary near you without a medical marijuana card if you plan to purchase recreational cannabis. However, the dispensary will require a government ID showing you are of legal age to use recreational cannabis.

Can I Enter a New York Dispensary Near Me at Age 18?

Medical marijuana dispensaries in New York are open to state residents with no minimum age limit. However, patients under the age of 18 can only enter if accompanied by their adult caregivers. Note that the caregivers must be residents of New York State and be registered with the New York State Department of Health. You cannot enter a New York recreational dispensary at 18.

How Many New York Dispensaries Near Me Can I Visit in A Day?

You may visit several New York dispensaries in one day. However, with cannabis sales tracked statewide, New York dispensaries will not allow you to buy more cannabis than is permitted under state law.

Do New York Dispensaries Near Me Take Credit Cards?

No. New York dispensaries will not accept credit cards. You are advised to visit the dispensaries with cash or a debit card.

Do New York Dispensaries Near Me Accept Medical Insurance?

No. Medical insurance plans do not cover cannabis purchases in New York. Hence, New York dispensaries do not accept medical insurance.

Do New York Dispensaries Near Me Track How Much Weed I Buy?

Yes. Per OCM (Office of Cannabis Management) rules, a New York-licensed cannabis retail dispensary must use an inventory management system that is able to compile the dispensary's cannabis product inventory and transaction data. The system must be compatible and able to report real-time data to the OCM. Hence, state dispensaries track how much weed you buy.

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